That last one tho…. her head straight up thrown back in laughter…. i died

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I’m at a crossroads in my life. I have everything to look forward to and nothing holding me back… I am lost though, I don’t know which direction is right or where my path will lead. I am pregnant with empty anticipation. 



i LIVE for this video

Me too yo…

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Game of thrones and all of the gladiator sandal realness 


Kim Kelley-Wagner has two daughters who were adopted from China. In everyday life, they have been subjected to horrid statements from people - to their faces, to their mother as they stood by her, etc. In this photo collection, shared on her blog, Kim and her daughters (Lily and Meika) put these ignorant cruelties front and center. [x]

"I have tried to explain to my daughters that people do not say these things to be mean, they say them out of ignorance, which is why I am sharing some of them. Words are powerful, they can become tools or weapons, choose to use them wisely."


Feb 3. Day 7

A cliche concept

Gender - 
How strange is it that we can completely change how we are perceived in this world just by messing with the construct of gender via makeup?